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Crypto Prices

Why Do Crypto Prices Crash?

Cryptocurrencies are more powerful than traditional currencies because they are backed by an online ledger. The majority of people are interested in these unregulated currencies for profit trading because their value fluctuates. Cryptocurrencies are volatile by nature. Traders who are looking for profit will be attracted to volatility, but it can also be nerve-wracking for new investors just getting started. Traders should expect plenty more volatility in the future as new cryptocurrencies emerge and others fade away.

Why Should You Invest In Crypto?

Supporters of cryptocurrency are drawn to it for a variety of reasons. Cryptocurrencies are the economic future of the globe. Cryptocurrencies appreciate in value over time. They can also be staked, and you can earn a lot of money with them.

Cryptocurrency, often known as virtual currency, is a decentralized data processing and recording system that offers a safer transaction environment than traditional payment systems. Inflation is normally caused by central banks, however, crypto lowers central bank influence on the money supply by using a virtual transaction system. With each passing day, cryptocurrency grows in popularity. However, before investing in a currency, it is a good idea to examine its possibilities.

Reasons Why Crypto Crashes?

Here are six reasons why cryptocurrencies go down in price.

  • The Leverage Taken On By Crypto Investors Is Too High

A high leverage ratio of crypto analytics indicates that more investors are taking on risks in the crypto market. Crypto speculators tend to use borrowed funds to purchase futures, as they would on traditional markets. The same as traditional markets, Crypto speculators tend to use borrowed funds to purchase futures.

In this way, miners can protect themselves from price drops in the coins they’re mining. In the short term, these levels of leverage may result in turbulence for cryptocurrencies. Price declines may cause long-term assets to be liquidated. After prices collapse, futures holders may liquidate their bets, further lowering prices. A crash of this kind, however, is especially harmful to markets lacking liquidity, such as cryptocurrency.

  • Lack Of Liquidity In Cryptocurrency Markets

Liquidity is a major concern for the crypto markets when leveraged investors liquidate a significant portion of their holdings. Unlike the stock market, there isn’t always a swarm of buyers ready to scoop up unsold coins. This is one reason why crypto crashes tend to happen on weekends. 

Fewer investors are interested in buying coins when a large number are sold. Due to this reason, large institutions are unable to trade little coins and end up causing market turmoil. A cryptocurrency market flood can occur when an investor with a large position in a particular asset sells massive amounts. This leads to an excess of supply and low demand because the coins are just flowing into the market.

  • Security Flaws In Cryptography Are Creating Concern

Other variables that could create a crypto crash are blockchain and network security. Regulatory interruptions caused by government actors would result in the same type of disaster. If it was revealed that Bitcoin had a security flaw, it would reduce the incentive to mine it, which would lower the hash rate and lower the overall price. In contrast to stocks, which are backed by assets, cryptocurrencies are valued purely based on investor emotion. Finding cryptocurrencies with limited supply and long-term appeal is a challenge for cryptocurrency investors.

  • Volatility Caused By Cryptocurrency Influencers. 

The tweets of crypto enthusiasts and important influencers can lead to a capital inflow. The opposite is also true. This is due to the fact that the value of this asset class is based on investor mood, as well as the lack of liquidity in crypto. Stablecoins may provide an antidote to this dilemma for investors. The use of this form of the coin allows traders to move into and out of other crypto positions as the market fluctuates.

  • Correlations Between Cryptocurrency And The Stock Market

A key feature of cryptocurrency is that it should be a non-correlated asset. This means that it should be allowed to float independently, aside from the rest of the market. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Crypto markets have become more interconnected with traditional markets due to traditional adoption. Several people believe that cryptocurrency and the stock market are closely related. Consequently, early users may have underestimated the impact of the world’s newest interest rate and inflation hedge on global markets. Cryptocurrencies are subject to collapses. Those investing in digital assets need to determine whether they can withstand market downturns as well as their timeframe for holding them.

How To Manage Cryptocurrency Crashes?

So the question rises what should an investor do if cryptocurrencies are so volatile? Here are some steps you can take when cryptocurrencies drop in price.

Stay Calm, Think, and Research

You must respond calmly whether you decide to sell your cryptocurrencies or consider a dip as an opportunity to buy more. Trading with emotions rarely yields positive results. Therefore, before you plunge into the cryptocurrency market in a frenzy, consider why you are trading it in the first place. Is your investment driven by your belief in the long-term potential of the business or is it driven by your intention to make a quick profit with short-term trading? You can make an informed decision if you answer these questions. However, do what is right for you regardless of the situation.

Examine The Situation

Stay abreast of all crypto-market developments. Price action and rumor might not have impacted market sentiment as much as fundamental news. Laws and regulations will determine the future of the currency. When the authorities outlawed crypto exchanges but did not bar individuals from possessing cryptocurrencies, they took another step further in a crackdown by preventing financial institutions from offering crypto-related services. Financial institutions can limit liquidity with it.  Due to these actions, the expanding market continues to suffer, which had recently seen large influxes of capital.

Volatility Is What Makes The Game Interesting

Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile. Due to the lack of cash flow in crypto, traders have to depend on mood swings to move prices. Market optimism can turn into gloomy despair in a matter of months. That is what happened in early 2021. The hype surrounding Coinbase’s IPO in 2021 helped boost positive sentiments about crypto, however, a slowdown in monetary stimulus at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 fueled pessimism.

Traders who use high-powered algorithms may conduct sophisticated transactions that are difficult for mom and pop traders to execute due to this volatility. It is the nature of Wall Street trading to profit from volatility.

ExamineThe Possibility

Despite this uncertainty, cryptocurrencies appear to face genuine regulatory challenges, including regulations that might contribute to the demise of the industry. It is possible that cryptocurrency will become a victim of its own success as it grows in popularity.

So Crypto purveyors’ utopian fantasies can perhaps be made extinct by regulation. Their future is not determined solely by political consequences. A number of other obstacles also face cryptocurrency, such as the financial and environmental repercussions of “mining.”

Choose a Course Of Action

The next step is to analyze the situation and what it means for the future after you’ve cooled off.

  • Can dangers be disguised as opportunities? This perception may influence your decision about whether to hold or invest more in the event of a price drop.
  • What are the chances of the dangers persisting or worsening? In this case, you should cut your losses and exit the game for the time being.
  • Does the scenario seem a bit hazy to you? Rather than trying to predict the future, consider selling some of your position today while still having upside potential for tomorrow.

Regardless of your path, you will need an action plan that describes your view of the risks and opportunities associated with cryptocurrencies. 

Bottom line

It may make you nervous when the cryptocurrency market falls, but use it as a wake-up call to reconsider why you’re in the market. The amount of actual danger depends on how severe the reality is compared to the expectation. Now there are many fields of life where cryptocurrency is emerging as a primary means of transaction. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a good idea. However, you need to be careful about which currency you buy. BuzzShow Goldies are ERC20 coins with the potential to skyrocket in value. The Goldies of Buzzshow Network is the network’s native cryptocurrency. This is a blockchain-based social video network based on video content. It has the potential to change the video media industry. “Goldies” was awarded to users based on their actions on the platform whether it’s watching, sharing, uploading, or curating videos. Converting Goldies into ETH tokens is relatively simple. At supported exchanges, tokens can then be swapped for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. Make sure to do some research. Understand the currency trends. Evaluate its future potential and then invest in it.