Did you miss out on Bitcoin? Ethereum? Gamestop?

If you had bought Bitcoin for $100 in 2008, when it was less than 1 dollar, you would be a millionaire now. If you had bought Ethereum for $1000 in 2016, when it was less than 1 dollar, you would be a millionaire now. 2021 is the year of enormous rise in value and profit for blockchain projects. BuzzShow Network, the reward base blockchain social video network, is one of the most promising under the radar projects, ready to accelerate. BuzzShow Goldies (GLDY) utility Tokens have all the potential to rise in value exponentially, as the Network adoption will soar.

BuzzShow Network

The Reward-based Social Video Network

BuzzShow Network is a video social media platform which incorporates the blockchain technology in a reward-based ecosystem. The platform uses a P2P decentralisation and a unique social media experience for users, who earn Goldies, the platform’s native utility tokens by creating, curating, sharing, viewing and streaming video content.

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Goldies could have a spectacular rise in value

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Goldies Tokens are directly linked to the BuzzShow cryptocurrency Token called GLDY, that have the advantage of :


Like Bitcoin (BTC), there is a limited supply of 150 Million GLDY EVER to be created. Many other cryptocurrencies can create a limitless supply of their tokens, but we are contractually prohibited from doing so. The supply is very limited, which makes the GOLDIES Tokens very scarce.

The result can be a very profound price hike, similar to what happened to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Theta. We believe the Goldies value can quickly multiply on the secondary market, from the current list base value of $0,50 per 1000 Goldies on the BuzzShow platform and possibly can reach far beyond!

High Demand

BuzzShow focuses exclusively on Native Advertising and Video-On-Demand revenue, which will both have to be paid in GLDY. This demand from both Advertising Agencies and Viewers can be expected to drive the value of the GLDY substantially higher, as they will be sold back to them by the holders of the Tokens.

The earlier you enter, the higher your potential sell-back value as the Network grows.

The BuzzShow Economic Cycle

BuzzShow Network believe is core principles of decentralised web where each part of the entire “Food Chain” creating the BuzzShow Network get a fair reward in BuzzShow Native Goldies Tokens for relative contribution on the Network, i.e Creating, Curating, Sharing, Viewing, Providing storage and Streaming.

Buy Goldies and automatically stake and grow your Goldies without doing anything

Having money in your bank account is currently the worst investment ever; it gives you zero interest and practically costs you money each month, not to mention the inflation that causes a continuing and substantial drops in your buying power.

Buying Goldies and staking them, gives you an automatic yield of 75% of your total balance every 3 months, growing your holdings and assets on the BuzzShow Platform.

The more Goldies you hold, the more you earn with staking. Besides your automatic yield you can earn free Goldies, by simply using the platform to watch videos, share content or invite your friends.


Use Goldies on the BuzzShow platform and earn more Goldies

  • Use your Goldies to license and monetise a particular video of someone else on your own channel. The owner receives a one-off license fee instead of sharing the revenue with you, and you get 100% from the reward when anyone watches the video you licensed to your channel on BuzzShow.
  • Reward great content of others as an action of appreciation, we all know how much time, effort and resources it takes to create great content we all enjoy.
  • Gift to your friends. Sharing is caring, and gifting a good friend is always a joy and well appreciated.
Start Earning Goldies Now

Support Decentralised Social Media versus legacy centralised corporate platforms

On BuzzShow, not just the Content Creators receive better value for their efforts, but also those who share videos and even those who simply watch videos or share videos. The main purpose of BuzzShow Network is to build a decentralised social media ecosystem that generously rewards all contributors, without the negatives associated with social media platforms monopols such as:

  • Lack of equitable revenue sharing
  • Biased regulations
  • Abuse of user data / infringements on privacy

Buying and staking BuzzShow Goldies tokens will help us to achieve this goal.

You and all the other BuzzShow users are the co-earners of the platform. You earn the rewards for any action you do, and the more you hold and stake Goldies onto your wallet, the more you earn on the platform for your activities. Being active means you get more Goldies for every action you do. The more you own, the more you earn.

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4. Choose payment method & pay
5. Your Goldies are transferred to your wallet
6. 75% of your balance is automatically staked & earning interest
7. Start using the platform and get rewarded
8. Become part of the video revolution

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