The Crypto Reward-Based
Decentralized Video Sharing Platform

BuzzShow Network is a decentralized social video streaming and sharing platform that incorporates blockchain technology in a crypto reward-based ecosystem. The platform uses a P2P decentralization and a unique social media experience for users, who can earn Goldies, the platform’s native utility tokens by curating, sharing, viewing, and streaming video content.

How does BuzzShow work?

BuzzShow Network is a leading blockchain-based decentralized Multiplatform that has been conceptualized and developed since early 2018.
BuzzShow is aiming to revolutionize video social media networks by creating high economic value and freedom to online video creators, curators, and viewers, by giving back the rewards, incentives and control on their data.

Why BuzzShow Network
Is Different

Developed & Tested Blockchain Platform

The development of the blockchain-based platform is beyond the conceptual stage. BuzzShow is tested and currently available on desktop and mobile. Users can experience the platform’s economics which forms the core of the crypto reward structure, upload content into the IPFS decentralized blockchain CDN and use the Tokens earned.

Crypto Reward-Based Social Media Video Network

In spite of huge exponential growths, centralized platforms offer little or no rewards to users. Viewers are totally left out of the revenue sharing. BuzzShow aims to disrupt this with an incentivized system based on a unique “proof-of-contribution” algorithm where users including viewers are rewarded in form of crypto for their activities.

Third Generation Blockchain Technology

The final goal of BuzzShow is a release of the BuzzShow dedicated blockchain Network, which will be based on third generation Blockchain technology, providing the benefits of absent transaction fees, sufficient capacity, stability, and security that is crucial for a social media video network.

Your Content, Your Privacy, Your Rights

BuzzShow Network is aiming to become a full decentralized ledger-based platform providing users with full control, privacy, and ownership of their content within the frameworks of the BuzzShow Network use of Decentralised IPFS Peer to Peer Blockchain CDN.

Buzzshow Blockchain-Based Decentralised P2P Video Storage With IPFS

BuzzShow Network is using an IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), the most advanced P2P blockchain-based data storage technology widely in use, to ensure that the content uploaded directly to the platform is truly decentralized, aiming to create fully decentralized content distribution ability. 

Buzzshow Frontier and Forerunners Nodes

BuzzShow Network goal is to create a hybrid global cluster of FRONTIER NODES that ensure uptime and availability of the data on the network globally with the second layer of hundreds of thousands of participant run FORERUNNERS NODES  on IPFS, to avoid the use of a centralized control center for the videos uploaded directly on the BuzzShow Network. 

The BuzzShow Economic Cycle

BuzzShow is committed to ensuring that the revenue generated from advertisements and premium subscriptions are equitably distributed between the entire “food chain” creating the BuzzShow Network, who get a fair reward in BuzzShow Native GLDY Token for relative contribution on the Network,  i.e creating, curating, sharing, Viewing and providing storage and streaming.



  • When curators add their videos to their channels
  • For ads on their videos


  • For each video they add to their channel
  • Every time a video on their channel is watched


  • For every video viewers are watching, reward is given for the contribution they make to make the content popular.


  • For creating a Node and providing part of the bandwidth
    available on their mobile and desktop to stream


  • For every video shared on any social media.
  • For inviting friends to join BuzzShow

Download the White Paper to learn more about BuzzShow

BuzzShow roadmap


• Perform Platform Alpha Launch
• Testing web and mobile including blockchain based Goldies token implemented in BuzzShow system
• Launch First centralised exchange on CoinTiger
• Grow BuzzShow community Pilot Testing  base
• Perform Platform Open Beta Launch
• Testing web and mobile including blockchain based Goldies token implemented in Buzzshow system

• Introducing BuzzShow Referral Bonus program
• BuzzShow Users get additional rewards by bringing a friend to BuzzShow and both get rewarded


• Launch Second centralised exchange on Probit in Korea
• Expending the reach as a Multi Platform, indexing the value of Videos on the centralised web
• Start expanding Distribution – Onboarding Affiliate partners and content owners
• Extending Strategic Partnerships
• Introducing BuzzShow Staking reward system
• Introducing premium user subscription


• Launch Decentralised exchange on Uniswap and Pancakeswap
• Introducing Advertising via Token economy
• Perform Platform Alpha Launch – Independent decentralized blockchain based platform
• Perform Platform Open Beta Launch – Independent decentralized blockchain based platform

Meet the team

Offer Kohen
Founder, Serial Entrepreneur

Offer Kohen, with over 25 years of experience, is the founder and inventor of BuzzShow Network. Offer is a visionary innovator in disruptive technology development, film director & producer, CEO & CCO, with wide eclectic experience in initiating & directing visionary creative & technology driven concepts into outstanding products. He has worked through all creative & start-up phases starting from formulation of concept & vision, market validation and analysis, start to launch product development, go to market strategy, negotiating partnerships & high level business development, distribution channels, launching & reaching end consumer at home, as well as directing & managing startups and projects from garage phase through growing into funded & revenue driven companies.

Muhammad Umar
Sr. Software developer, Blockchain Developer

Passionate software engineer with industry experience of building complex and robust applications through out professional career.

Muhammad Ahtisham Waheed
Web and APIs Developer

Professional Web Developer and Team Lead with proven skills in the industry. Mainly work on backend using PHP with Laravel & Codeigniter as Framework along with node and angular JS.

Moazzam Ali
IT Operation Manager

Has vast experience in IT Operations including System / Network Administration, Database Administration, IT Infrastructure Designing, System Optimization, and Technical Solutions Management. Ali is in charge of the many platform projects currently under development. His technical leadership and experience make Ali the perfect candidate for the position.

Sjef Pijnenburg
UGC and premium content Advisor

With over 15 years in internet marketing & communications expert; pioneer in new strategies, new technologies, new media, and new channels. Sjef is the founder and CEO of ODMedia, a leading video on demand company and Expoza, the leading YouTube service partner for premium content. Both companies partnered with BuzzShow as premium content service provider and aggregator.

Jay van den Berg
BD and Sales Adviser

Has held senior corporate management positions including Managing Director of Unilever Ukraine and VP Business Development for Swisscom AG. Apart from having founded a number of successful start-ups, Jay has been responsible for the buildup of the Illuminata and Zoomin.TV Multi Channel Networks on YouTube from scratch to over 2 Bn views per month, ultimately leading to 100M USD acquisition of Zoomin.TV by MTG group.

Maarten van Wieren
Economics, Financial and Risk Management Advisor

Maarten has 15 years experience in complex systems modeling, risk management, including financial and cyber risk quantification. Bridge-builder with versatile track-record. Presently: senior manager at Deloitte.

Rupin Dang
India and South Asia Advisor

Founder and Managing Director, Wilderness Films India Ltd.
Rupin works with the top broadcasters around the world, as a consultant, helps bring international broadcasting trends and technologies to India, ensuring Indian content, reaches a wider international audience.
He is the person behind the Visual Mapping of the Indian Subcontinent project – the most definitive High Definition video archiving project in South Asia.

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