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Advantage of Video sharing site over newspaper

What Advantage Does A Video-Sharing Site Have Over a Newspaper?

We are all immersed in social media. We spend the entire day scrolling from one medium to the next. We have a lot of content such as photos, GIFs, movies,  boomerangs, and videos to choose from. We prefer videos over all other types of content because they are more interesting due to the addition of music, graphics, and animation. This offers us a clear picture of the situation as well as a clear picture of what we want. We also prefer video calls to connect with our loved ones.  Perhaps this is why we prefer films, and movies to still photographs. We also have a variety of platforms via which we can get our favorite videos. In the previous few years, these platforms have significantly improved. You now have a plethora of choices. You can not only view your favorite video clip, but also live events, workshops, celebrity live chit-chat sessions, and whatever else you like. You can now watch your favorite channel live whether it’s entertainment or news on the go. Do you think is this the only reason that video-sharing sites are so popular? In this article, we will discuss social video-sharing platforms.

Why Are Video Sharing Platforms So Popular?

Video content always increases engagement and receives more likes, comments, and shares than other sorts of material. It’s because posting videos on platforms is a simple process. Moreover,

  • No verification or proof is required for videos to be posted on the Internet.
  • A video can be watched again and again.
  • Videos can be accessed on the internet whenever you want them.
  • Videos are more fun to watch than reading an article or just watching an image.
  • When you employ them, engagement rises.
  • Extend your reach by connecting with a wider audience.
  • By watching videos, you can gain a deeper understanding of something.
  • Through videos, students are introduced to a diversity of languages and cultures.

In addition, stories that evoke memories of our own experiences have the greatest impact on us. This is why they feel so real because they’re more real than they used to be. It’s easy to get emotionally involved with a video.

What Are The Advantages Of  Video Sharing Platforms Over A Newspaper?

In the past newspapers were widely used for news, advertisements, job vacancies, and much more. With time, however, newspaper users switched to modern technology and the use of newspapers declined. A large reason for this is the ease with which news can be found and updated on a constant basis. Rapid dissemination of news and other information far and wide, even worldwide, is one obvious advantage. Moreover, videos clearly tell tales better than still images.  The video might be brief and to the point, grabbing viewers’ attention in a few seconds. In addition, the video’s content is designed in a way that information is reduced to a number of easily consumable parts that are long enough to hold the viewer’s attention yet short enough that the viewer is left wanting more. This results in more searching and more watching of content. Viewers are more likely to watch videos if the content is authentic.

What Are The Most Popular Video-Sharing Platforms?

There are so many different video-sharing platforms. Each platform gives different benefits to its users. Now social video sharing media is taken over by decentralized platforms. Here are some of the top centralized and decentralized video-sharing platforms.


Youtube is the most popular centralized Google-owned online video sharing and social media network. It currently reigns supreme on the internet in terms of user and content. You may find videos in any category on it. You can select the video quality and leave comments, share, and like your favorite videos. Many content creators add their content to the platform and monetize it to earn from it. They must, however, adhere to YouTube’s severe rules and regulations. Furthermore, there are no incentives for viewers who quietly contribute to the platform’s success.


Vimeo is also a very popular centralized video sharing platform. Due to the fact that Vimeo was founded by filmmakers, it is very popular with artists. Everyone from video content creators and photographers to musicians and advertising agencies uses Vimeo. This application makes it simple for any professional, team, or organization to create, manage, and share high-quality videos.It has a great user interface and easily exceeds YouTube in terms of video quality (4K Ultra HD, to be specific), which can help content creators earn some extra cash. Vimeo is also free of advertisements and has a community of over 230 people who may comment on videos, subscribe to channels, and share them on social networks. Above all, you have ultimate control over your personal information. There are a variety of privacy choices accessible for sensitive information. Undoubtedly, one of the better video-sharing services out there.


Dailymotion is a significant YouTube competitor that lets you watch videos online. This website allows you to download videos for later viewing. It allows you to arrange and categorize films based on their subjects and genres. It shares YouTube’s layout, user-friendly interface, search bar, and content categories. News, sports, music, and entertainment are all conveniently accessible. It also offers a video library where you may store and watch your favorite videos. Dailymotion’s high-quality videos are a major reason for its popularity. Users on Dailymotion can upload videos up to 4GB in size and in 1080p resolution, whereas YouTube compresses them. It also includes an HTML5 video player and speech algorithms to enhance the viewing experience. Dailymotion also provides you with a live-updated list of handpicked trending topics.

BuzzShow Network

BuzzShow Network is a renowned decentralized blockchain-based platform. When it comes to privacy then a decentralized platform takes the lead. BuzzShow network has a vast variety of videos on the platform and above all the platform rewards its users with “Goldies”, for watching, sharing, curating, and uploading videos. “Goldies (GLDY)” is a platform-native utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Goldies can be easily converted into ETH tokens and polygon Matic. Buzzshow Network integrated IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) technology to ensure safe and secure user content. In addition, the platform ensures its users’ security, confidentiality, and freedom to share their part. BuzzShow Networks’ policies cover copyright and content breaches. Avoiding copyright infringement will encourage users to create more original content. It’s a user-friendly and user-centric platform. Users don’t need to watch ads before starting videos like on youtube. Users can also buy Goldies to increase the value of their rewards for each activity. BuzzShow is a superior video streaming network due to its reward-based system and decentralized approach.


LBRY is an open-source digital content-sharing platform. Movies, music, games, podcasts, books, and photos are among the network’s digital offerings. LBRY is a decentralized network that provides more than simply video sharing and streaming to its users, content creators, and customers. Users can create, share, upload, download, browse, and buy material on the network. Because there are no adverts while logging in, users can concentrate on their tasks.LBRY Credits (LBC) is a platform coin, which can be mined and traded. LBC awards are given to users who create accounts, watch, explore, invite, and follow, among other things.


Another interesting video network where viewers may earn cryptocurrency is DTube. It’s sort of like a decentralized YouTube. Users can earn cryptocurrency while watching videos on DTube. Publishers and content providers control their content since it is hosted on a decentralized network. When users sign in, they can link up to three accounts to their DTube account (standalone DTube account, Steemit, and Hive). The advantage of adopting DTube is that by simply submitting a video to their network, users can earn DTC, Steem, and Hive tokens all at once. If you don’t want to publish a video on DTube, you can use a third-party provider.

Wrapping Up

With the rising use of technology, traditional methods of entertainment and information are changing. Everything has been replaced by new technologies, which is a wonderful thing because technology makes our hectic lives easier and quenches our hunger for knowledge. Our new source of pleasure and knowledge is the video-sharing platform. We are all susceptible to it due to its accessibility, ease of access, and details. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of upgrades over newspapers.