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BuzzShow Network – Next Generation Decentralized Video Social Media Platform In World of Crypto

By 11 October 2021November 16th, 2021No Comments

BuzzShow Network – Next Generation Decentralized Video Social Media Platform In World Of Crypto

Living in the 21st century, we all are technology lovers. We shifted everything to the online system, online banking, shopping, billing and so much more. We all are familiar with the cryptocurrencies and their market. It’s not a mystery now.

Day to day development and inventions attract us a lot. New apps, platforms and softwares are presented in the user market everyday. In this tech-scoot, we are flooded with new inventions. 

But what users actually are attracted to?

Which inventions grab the users’ attention?

The answer lies in the user experience. 

The novelties that make the user experience rewarding and the tech that offers high user privacy mostly catch the user’s attention. 

BuzzShow Network is the quintessence of user-centric platforms. It is the first of its kind, decentralized reward-based video social media platform. The aim of the platform is to reward every user for all their actions. BuzzShow Network is based on blockchain technology to leverage the benefits of this technology to the users. This is the first fully established social video network that prioritises the needs of all members, allows anyone to participate and get rewards on the platform.

BuzzShow Network Development:

BuzzShow Network is a decentralised platform developed on blockchain technology. This tech is the novel concept behind BuzzShow Network. To ensure content decentralization, InterPlanetary File Sharing (IPFS) is used. IPFS is a content-addressable, peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution system that aims to provide a decentralised and permanent way of file sharing and storage. It eliminates the concept of centralised database. Moreover, it is faster, more open, and safer than database-based video streaming systems. This technology is great for the BuzzShow Network since it enables the platform to be genuinely decentralised while significantly reducing bandwidth expenses.

Revolutionize Revenue Distribution In BuzzShow Network

BuzzShow Network values every member and even the smallest of actions.

BuzzShow Network is dedicated to ensuring rewards for everyone. For this reason, the revenue earned from commercials and premium subscriptions is divided evenly among content creators, curators, and viewers, based on their level of participation and popularity on the platform. This isn’t something you’ll see on other video-sharing sites. Therefore, BuzzShow Network aims to disrupt the industry by giving all parties involved a stake in the revenue generated through content creation.

When users post their first video on the platform, they will be rewarded with Goldies (a native currency), at the very start. They can also profit from each verified reference on the platform. This website allows users to build channels and upload videos for free. Unlike other video platforms, the users don’t have to pay anything to keep their channels up and running. They can upload and share their content for free. Everyone can use the site for free, and all the users start at the same level. Additionally, if their content is of high quality, content creators can sell access to it, allowing them to earn Goldies. Users can pay Goldies earned on the platform to access this premium content.

BuzzShow Network aims to bring a more effective technique than the random advertisement placements that are popular on video sharing sites. This is accomplished by allowing advertisers to pay content creators and curators directly in order to ensure that advertisements are placed in videos that are relevant to their target audience. Advertisers can purchase Goldies from curators or specific content creators to pay for advertising space.

Rewards System In BuzzShow Network

Social media platforms are considered as the time burners. You spend lots and lots of time on them without getting anything in return. Yes, you gain some knowledge and become cognizant of current affairs. But it’s not worth all your time. 

BuzzShow Network values your time. The reward based social video network is designed to make each and every second of your time worth it. Whether you create, curate, watch or just like a video, you will earn “Goldies”. Not only that, you will also get rewards every time an action is taken on your video by some other BuzzShow Network user. Here is the list of potential actions that will help you earn goldies. 

  • Creating a video.
  • Watching a video, liking or sharing a video.
  • Everytime your video is watched or shared.
  • Anytime a curator adds your video to his channel. 
  • When an ad is posted on your video. 

Putting it simply, you will earn goldies on every single action on BuzzShow Network. 

Join BuzzShow Network Now

You can earn goldies by creating video,curation,watching,sharing and viewing. At the very start BuzzShow Network rewards every user with  goldies upon signup. You can also get more goldies by referral link invites. Goldies have the potential to skyrocket in value. You will receive an automatic yield of 75% of your total balance every 3 months by buying and staking goldies. 

Along with earning goldies through watching, sharing and creating videos, you can also buy goldies. The more you buy goldies, your reward for each action on the platform will double up.

If you already have a youtube channel, you can link that account with BuzzShow Network. Other than rewards on your video you will get 1000 goldies upon linking channels.

Visit BuzzShow Network and start earning now.