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Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution: How The Technology Behind Crypto Is Changing Money, Business and the World

We are all familiar with paper money. Our lives revolve around money. We use paper money for buying goods, getting services, and paying bills. Due to the large-scale use of paper money, the banking system came into being. We all avail the benefits of the banking system now.

However, a significant twist came in the economics of the world with the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are secure through cryptography. Forgery and double-spending are nearly impossible in cryptocurrency. The security benefits of cryptocurrency lead people to prefer virtual currencies over physical ones. 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Bond

Blockchain technology is the backbone of many cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a distributed ledger enforced by a distributed network of computers. Cryptocurrencies are distinguished because they are not authorized by any central authority, making them potentially impervious to government intervention or manipulation. The first-ever cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Now, this is the leading cryptocurrency, and everyone knows about it.

How Is Blockchain Superior To Other Technologies?

A blockchain is a distributed, digital and decentralized ledger. Compared to the current trade ecosystem, which features centralized and proprietary systems, it is more reliable and secure. Blockchain technology keeps track of transactions and digital exchanges so that they can achieve transparency, efficiency, and security. Using blockchain technology, you can create a decentralized, reusable transaction record, eliminating the need for one central database. Additionally, blockchain provides a far more reliable way to create and authenticate identification than current centralized systems. Blockchain allows trade assets to be transferred directly while at the same time promoting the trustworthiness of their origins. The purpose of this is to provide unique, non-forgeable identities to assets and ensure a secure record of ownership.

How Has Blockchain Revolutionized The World

Blockchain technology is taking over the world now. In addition to the financial services industry, blockchain technology is also being considered for utilization in other sectors, such as international trading, taxation, organizational management, and governance. Moreover, Different media platforms, games, and currency traders are also shifting to blockchain technology. Different platforms provide different user-based benefits by using this state-of-art technology. On top of everything, blockchain technology offers users a more secure and private environment.

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The Ultimate Crypto-Currency-Blockchain-Stop BuzzShow Platform

BuzzShow Network is a decentralized crypto reward-based social Video media platform. Users can get “Goldies,” BuzzShow Network’s native utility token, by watching, sharing, creating, and curating videos on the platform as a reward.

The platform is developed on blockchain technology, and it is the first-ever fully decentralized social video network that allows everyone to participate and earn Goldies on the platform. BuzzShow Network is very user-friendly and aims to reward every user for their participation, whether it is viewing, sharing, creating, or curating videos. 

A decentralized platform is not connected to any centralized database. However, there are peer-to-peer interactions. The data is updated and saved on multiple devices whenever a transaction is made. This prevents any malfunction or hacker attack. Moreover, no one can ever use user data without taking direct permission from them. BuzzShow Network integrates IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) to ensure the network is fully decentralized. User files are stored on multiple systems without relying on any centralized database. This makes it a safe and fast platform.

BuzzShow Network is an entirely decentralized video platform. Anyone can join it without paying any subscription or registration fee. Furthermore, the users can earn Goldies by viewing, sharing, making, and curating videos after signing up on the platform.

Not only that, upon signing up, each user gets the gift of Goldies. Users can double their Goldies by sharing the referral link and inviting friends and family through that link. Goldies are utility tokens developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be traded on exchanges and is very easy to convert into ETH. It can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or Fiat currencies at supported exchanges. Now it is also listed on Probit and Cointiger. 

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is now used widely on different platforms. Its benefits are appreciated by different industries hence making it more in demand. More importantly, the secure and transparent financial transition methods are the proof of their more significant value. As our world is moving toward a more technology-oriented environment, technologies providing private, data-protected, and secure platforms will take over the world.