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Are You Not Entertained? Well Have a Look at Buzzshow – Social Video Sharing Platform

Entertainment is very very important as our daily routines are very hectic. So, We need a break after a long, stressful day to relax our bodies and engage ourselves with something light, amusing, and entertaining to watch. Social video media networks are the quickest and simplest solution.

But if you are still not entertained with your regular video-sharing platforms

Then you need a hero, or you may say The Greatest Showman “BuzzShow Network”.

What Is BuzzShow Network?

BuzzShow Network is a decentralized social video-sharing platform built on blockchain technology.  There is a vast variety of videos of every category on the platform. Moreover, the platform rewards its users with “Goldies (GLDY)” for watching, sharing, curating, and uploading videos. “Goldies” is a network native utility token built on Ethereum technology.  Also, Goldies can be converted easily to ETH tokens and Polygon Matic

BuzzShow Network is a completely decentralized, secure, and user-friendly platform. The platform values each of its users and rewards them for their participation. It’s a new, decentralized approach to the online video industry that will give power back to the industry’s basic base of video curators, users, and creators.

The aim of BuzzShow Network is to prioritize the requirements of video content creators, curators, and consumers. This is the first fully built social video network that allows everyone to contribute to the platform, enjoy and earn money.

I should say that the BuzzShow Network is a good source of entertainment for you. There is no going back once you start using it.

How Is BuzzShow Network Different?

BuzzShow Network comes into the social video sharing industry with so many unique features. These features are user-centric and provide so many advantages to its users. Let’s discuss its unique features here that make it a game-changer in the video media industry.

Use of IPFS

BuzzShow Network implements IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing). With IPFS, BuzzShow Network enables online video storage. This eliminates the need for a centralized video control center. The videos are kept in a completely decentralized manner. As a result, any issues with connections in specific areas have no bearing on the rest of the files. The videos will also be divided into multiple segments, each of which will be cloned, guaranteeing that they may be recovered in the event of a problem. Moreover, content created will be protected at all times by giving a complete decentralized platform.

Decentralized Network

One of the base goals of BuzzShow Network is the complete decentralization of content distribution. Most video media platforms employ a centralized database, but BuzzShow Network eliminates the need for one. Furthermore, because the videos would be kept across multiple systems, they will be immune to DDOS and ransomware attacks. It’s also faster, more open, and more secure than centralized database-based video streaming solutions. BuzzShow Network benefits from blockchain technology since it makes the platform truly decentralized while drastically reducing bandwidth costs.

Unique Reward System

BuzzShow is the first blockchain-based video social network in the world that prioritizes content creators, curators, and consumers. The cryptocurrency “Goldies (GLDY),” a native utility token of the blockchain-based multiplatform, incentivizes video creation, curation, sharing, and viewing on BuzzShow Network. Members of the platform can make money by curating, sharing, and viewing videos in addition to creating content. As a result, it’s the largest blockchain-based social media video network on the market. Furthermore, it allows any component of the “food chain” to contribute and earn money on the multi-platform due to its unique “proof of contribution” incentive mechanism embedded into the platform. 

The Ethereum network underpins the ERC20 token Goldies. Tokenization of assets is possible on the Ethereum platform without the need for a separate blockchain, and smart contracts are employed on the ERC20 platform to assure transaction security. Polygon bridge introduces the cross-chain bridge with Plasma and PoS security to provide a trustless two-way transaction channel between Polygon and Ethereum. Users can now move tokens across Polygon without having to worry about third-party risks or market liquidity constraints. Micropayments can also be transmitted swiftly, in a matter of seconds, thanks to smart contracts. As a result, the platform can handle high transaction volumes. Goldies can be converted to ETH tokens and Polygon Matic. These tokens can then be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency on supported exchanges.

Revolutionize Revenue Distribution 

BuzzShow Network was committed to ensuring that revenue earned from advertisements and premium subscriptions was spread equitably along the “food chain,” including content creators, curators, marketers, and consumers, based on their engagement and popularity on the platform. Most other video-sharing platforms keep around half of the revenue from ads, similar to YouTube, which uses a 55-45 revenue-sharing percentage plan for top performers. Despite accomplishing the majority of the work, these systems expect content creators and curators to share the remaining minuscule percentage of the earnings. BuzzShow seeks to shake up the content development industry by giving everyone in the “food chain” a cut of the profits. Users do not have to pay to keep their channels up and running, unlike other video platforms. They have complete freedom to upload and share whatever they wish. Every user begins on the same level and with the same set of policies. Goldies can be redeemed for premium content on the platform. It’s getting closer to being the market leader in decentralized blockchain video social media.

Complete Control of Video Content

BuzzShow Network gives full control and transparency to content creators. Content creators can also sell access to their content, and if their work is of good quality, they can earn Goldies. Goldies can be redeemed for premium content on the platform. Advertisers will be able to directly pay content creators and curators to ensure that their commercials are seen in videos to the appropriate audiences. Advertisement placement with advertiser involvement is more effective than random placement without advertiser input.

Great User Experience

BuzzShow Network has achieved the goal of providing its users with a superb user experience. The user interface of the platform is extremely user-friendly. Users can easily search their favorite videos, keep full track of earned Goldies from different methods, and also have their own wallets. Users can also access BuzzShow Shorts, which allows them to upload or watch a range of short movies in real-time.

Moreover, the Video NFT marketplace from BuzzShow Network is about to launch. It’s a full-featured entertainment platform that guarantees a secure and pleasurable experience.

How Many Ways to Earn More Goldies?

Goldies (GLDY) is the network’s native utility token and can be earned by different actions performed on the platform. 1000 Goldies are equal to 1 GLDY. These are also enlisted on Probit and CoinTiger.

Users can earn Goldies by

  • Watching or sharing a video.
  • Every time the video is shared.
  • When a curator adds a video to his channel. 
  • When an ad is posted on your video. 
  • Sharing personal referral links with friends and family
  • Onboarding a youtube channel with the network

Pro Tip: users can increase their earnings exponentially by upgrading their free package to Bronze, Silver, or Gold. 

Concluding Note

Video streaming services are always the most interactive venues for users. And new initiatives always create a buzz in the industry.  In the video media industry, we know BuzzShow Network is a fervent believer in the fundamental ideals of the decentralized platform. And that is why it benefits each and every platform’s participant based on their contributions. Moreover, each link in the BuzzShow Network’s “food chain” will be compensated fairly. It is the platform of the future, and in the not-too-distant future, it will shine brightly. We expect a visually stunning graph of BuzzShow Network this year.